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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Hotel 46 Times Square (sometimes hereinafter referred to as “Hotel”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is dedicated to providing exceptional service to guests of all abilities. We strive to provide online content that provides an excellent user experience for visitors of all abilities. 


If you experience any difficulty accessing or navigating our websites or have any accessibility-related questions or comments, we are listening. Please contact us at reservations@hotel46timessquare.com or call 212-221-2600 with a description of the issue you encountered and your contact information. Your experience matters to us.

Public entrance
Entrance doors width: 42 inches 
Entrance has a lift which is 31 ½ inches wide x 54 inches long
Pathway width: 72 inches wall to wall
Distance from parking: 300 feet from parking lot

Route from the public entrance to the registration area
Distance: 14 ½ inches 
Pathway width: 72 inches from one door to the next and then the lobby is open
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 72 inches x 84 inches 

Accessible route to elevator
Distance to elevators from entrance: 30 feet
Pathway width: 84 inches 
Distance to elevators from registration desk: 15 feet
Pathway width: 84 inches 
Elevators measurements: 4 feet, 5 inches x 4 feet, 11 inches 
Width of the elevator doors: 2 feet,  8 inches 
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 84 inches x 72 inches (outside elevator)

Registration desk
Desk height: 30 inches
Desk width: 30 inches
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 65 inches 

Public restrooms 
Door width: 33 inches 
Toilet height: 18 ½ inches 
Toilet has grab bars 
Sink height: 32 inches  
Height of the mirror: 39 inches 
Lavatory controls are accessible 
Wheelchair maneuvering clearance: 45 inches 

Breakfast Area
Distance to public entrance: 54 feet
Pathway width: 84 inches 
Distance to elevators: 19 feet, 7 inches 
Distance to bathrooms: 3 feet
Breakfast area entrance door width: 72 inches 
Table heights: 27 ½ inches with clearance for knees and toes 
Computer desk height: 26 inches with clearance for knees and toes 
Computer desk width: 47 inches 
Water dispensers with height of 33 inches 
Alarm system
Strobe light

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